We are the specialists in Salesforce platform with deep expertise in business processes and transformation across numerous verticals and a wide range of technologies, we have successfully implemented over 600 projects in the Salesforce domain. As a trusted partner we help our customers to choose the right mix of Salesforce platform giving them an efficient and scalable platform increasing productivity and lowering costs.

Our Team consists of experienced and certified sales force architects, integrators and developers with experience in designing intuitive solutions which use lightning, jquery and other latest technologies to give users a seamless user experience.  We have delivered an array of customized services to our commercial clients ranging from migrating from legacy CRM to setting up new Salesforce instances, with custom functionalities such as APEX, LIGHTNING or VISUAL FORCE.


Our Process

  • Understand Business processes. conduct discovery sessions, user interviews, blueprint development
  • Blueprint development. develop flowcharts, business process flows to help understand, visualize and validate business processes
  • Streamline business process. Create and design appropriate business model using best of Salesforce offerings
  • Business process re-engineering. Identify and recommend appropriate process optimizations in view of new system and enhancing business operations
  • Implement industry-based business models. Help businesses to understand market trends and innovations, to help them transform along with their market.


Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce is a great platform for the innovative multi-tenant model. It is in true terms a platform for the cloud which helps cut down entire solution development process multifold. It has grown by leaps and bounds and with that, it has become a bit complex task to understand salesforce capabilities and frame them as per business needs. Our experienced consultants help businesses by understanding their business processes and accordingly ideate and design solution. The process includes:




Data Services

Most customers have existing data that needs to be moved into Salesforce.  This data often resides in legacy systems (e.g. old CRM and proprietary databases), Excel spreadsheets or in third-party software. Do you have the resources and expertise to safely move your data?  If the answer to that question is yes, do you want to divert those resources from their full-time jobs to the Salesforce project(s)?  Gerent is helping customers move data in an intelligent, expedient, safe way, allowing them to continue doing their jobs on the Salesforce platform, with minimal or no interruption. How clean is your data?  The greatest CRM in the world is only going to be as good as the data in it.  Gerent helps many customers with cleaning their data then maintaining that clean data.



Many partners can help with the basics of Salesforce, but few have the experience and the talent to integrate it with third-party systems.  Gerent’s team has helped dozens of clients integrate Salesforce with Oracle, SAP, proprietary and homegrown systems.  The integration can be uni-directional (Salesforce to the target system or the other way around) or bi-directional (info entered and passed both ways).



With more and more connectivity via various channels, business have realized true importance and potential of salesforce consultant in customer and partner engagement. It not only offers amazing opportunities but also equip businesses to empower their customers and partners to become their advocates. With customers and partners helping themselves, or helping other customers, it not only means reduction in customer service needs, it also leads to improved customer perception and awareness.



Salesforce has truly come a long way from just being a CRM application to a fully grown, enterprise grade, cloud based custom application development platform. As it stands today, it clearly has all the necessary ingredients to deliver enterprise grade custom business applications on top of its world class cloud platform. Irrespective of whether the application is a CRM application or an HR application or a Finance application, Salesforce’s platform enables developers to deliver truly custom apps blended with Salesforce CRM or standalone apps. With, organizations have greater flexibility to customize their CRM as their business runs and tap true potential of their Salesforce investments.

 and sites

The Internet is undoubtedly largest and fastest moving business platform currently. It not only provides connectivity across geographies, it also provides connectivity between organizations, people, and businesses. Today, having a website is a default for any business. Customers expect that each business has its own website with details around the company, product offerings etc. It not only reduces the overall cost of ownership but also deducts a lot of overhead operations.

Core-CSI has helped organizations utilize Salesforce’s and sites to launch fully powered, custom styled, tightly integrated website on Salesforce platform. Following are some of few areas where we have helped our clients by utilizing and sites:

  • Envision and implement Customer buying journey
  • Campaign management
  • Email marketing with drip marketing, A/B testing etc.
  • Social media marketing



Marketing has always been an important arm of any organization. Large or small, healthcare to manufacturing to services, marketing is very vital for brand positioning and customer awareness. Traditional marketing channels for e.g. Television ads, newspaper ads etc. have been clearly overpassed by new age marketing channels for e.g. email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing in various spaces. Clearly, any company planning for its marketing operations cannot ignore these new marketing channels.


One of the common issue with the emergence of these new marketing channels is understanding and ability for an organization to adapt to these channels. As these are fast evolving channels, it is quite evident that companies can often face challenges in tapping these channels effectively. Marketing tools have been very instrumental in handling these challenges. Salesforce marketing cloud is a suite of various tools bringing capabilities to tap all these marketing channels in one place. It not only helps organizations in tapping these new age marketing channels effectively but also makes it a smooth and seamless transition. With lots of out of the box features, organizations can really leverage on the expertise of salesforce consultant in marketing cloud features to modernize their marketing operations in less time.

Core-CSI has helped organizations in tapping various marketing features leveraging Salesforce Service cloud, which includes:

  • Custom business websites with Content management capabilities
  • Mobile ready websites
  • Custom branded business applications with the end to end custom branding



With Apple’s iPhone changing the shape of the smartphone industry, it started a mobile revolution which has significantly impacted IT industry. With much smarter & powerful phones and equally powerful mobile apps, people are realizing the true potential of their phone and mobility.




Numerous organizations have jumped into this revolution and have clearly proven the potential of this newly emerged business platform. Applications like Uber, AirBnb have a mobile-first approach and are truly dedicated to a mobile platform, which helps them in providing awesome customer experience and value. Salesforce too has realized the need of the hour and has recently launched its Lightning platform. With this platform, Salesforce is not only renovating Salesforce’s native look and feel, but also making it fully compatible to devices (tablets, phone etc.). With usage of Lightning framework, Salesforce not only makes itself mobile ready, but also makes itself a mobile first platform. With more and more business users preferring to use phone as their first device of choice, it is a very well-timed and justified move. Lightning is the system needed to handle today’s customer needs to manage their business and operations from multitude of devices.

Core-CSI has been an early adopter to Salesforce tools and technologies and we have helped our customers in identifying possibilities and opportunities in utilizing mobility. A few facets of value delivered are:

  • Rollout sales processes within Sales cloud
  • Configuration and customization of Sales processes
  • Envision and implement entire Sales cycle from Lead to Opportunity closure
  • Sales tracking and monitoring
  • Automated business processes to enhance sales productivity
  • Mobile-ready sales team



Being one of the most important value group to a company, we believe a Sales team needs to be as efficient as possible. As sales team directly interacts with clients on a day to day basis, it becomes imperative that Salesforce software is very vital to customer success. Sales team need quick, easy and intuitive access to business processes and data. Any delay or inefficiency in this process can directly impact their performance which can further impact company’s performance.

Salesforce Sales cloud offers myriads of features including Opportunity management, Contact Management, Forecasting, Sales performance management, Sales path etc. to name a few. Most of these features can be used out of the box and can be configured to suit business needs. Core-CSI ace professionals possess strong experience in introducing and enhancing sales cloud in small and medium level organizations. Our service highlights for sales cloud include:

  • Rollout sales processes within Sales cloud
  • Configuration and customization of Sales processes
  • Envision and implement entire Sales cycle from Lead to Opportunity closure
  • Sales tracking and monitoring
  • Automated business processes to enhance sales productivity
  • Mobile-ready sales team




In last few years, customer service has really become a vital component for an enterprise’s success. In today’s age customers are looking for industry best experience not just while making a purchase, but also in after-sales service.) Various industry studies have emphasized increasing importance of customer service. In today’s age, Customer service is an important consideration in the buying process. Customers expect to receive timely, complete and professional customer service. Companies not paying adequate attention to this ever-increasing business facet are at huge risk of losing customers to their competitors. Salesforce Service cloud offers extensive customer service capabilities and is positioned as a Leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center. From being able to track customer requests/ issues within one system to be able to bring in extensive automation and intelligence within the system, Salesforce Service cloud really shines in this space. With implementations across various industries and companies of various sizes, Service cloud is a proven tool for delivering next generation customer service.  Core-CSI team has successfully implemented and enhanced service cloud for our various customers. Our service offering in this space include:

  • Customer focused service delivery
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Next generation Customer journey
  • Improved communication, collaboration, and analytics for customer service
  • Customer case management and tracking
  • SLA tracking and improvements
  • Omni-channel customer service implementation 8.
  • 360-degree customer view
  • CTI implementation



Wave is the only analytics solution, designed specifically for Salesforce Users.  Gerent experts are accustomed to helping large and mid-sized organizations turn data into actionable insights, within the Salesforce platform.